October 2017 – The Lie of the Mind

The Lie of The Mind:
Throw Out the Bullies

October, 2017


You are the gatekeeper of your own mind whether you realize it or not. It’s easy to forget that we have this power and relinquish responsibility for our own mental health. Instead of practicing choice and discernment, we behave like passive bystanders when it comes to protecting our inner world. Rather than reject the bullies of shame, self-judgment, and victimization, we throw the door open and say come on in! In this month’s edition of The Seekers Forum, we’ll examine this destructive habit and discuss tools for mental self-care. How can we use mindfulness to say no to our perennial bullies? What practical steps can we take for becoming our own sentinels? What payoffs of powerlessness, and turning over keys to our adversaries, would we have to give up? Those are some of the essential questions we’ll be talking about in this month’s Seekers Session

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