July 2018 – The Myth of Narcissus

The Myth of Narcissus:
Self-Love Is Not Idolatry

July, 2018


Narcissism is different from self-love. Self-love isn’t preening or grandiose, nor does it see the world through a reflecting glass that seems to mirrors itself back to itself, endlessly. In fact, self-love is humble, distinguished by gratitude and empathy for others. In this month’s edition of The Seekers Forum, we’ll be looking at self-love through a spiritual lens – as a prerequisite to a wisdom – and exploring its shadowy twin, narcissism. How can we think well of ourselves without falling in love with our own reflection? What practices strengthen self-love as preparation for intimacy with others? Finally, what is the role of shame among narcissists, and how does it drive them to destruction? These are relevant questions for all of us, particularly in our polarized age.

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