September 2018 – The Treasures of Solitude

The Treasures of Solitude: Learning from Silence
September, 2018


Many people mistake solitude for loneliness, imagining that their own company isn’t enough. We become addicted to interpersonal distraction, and the comfort of being able to avoid ourselves. But the silence we meet in solitude is a wellspring of non-verbal wisdom. Immersing ourselves in silence, we’re able to hear the small still voice within that gets drowned out in the noise of everyday life. In this month’s edition of The Seekers Forum, we will be exploring silence as a spiritual treasury of inspiration and the damage done when we are deprived of silence. How do we interfere with attention and presence through excessive interaction? How can silence be used as medicine to heal the weary mind? What is unique about the path of silence tread by spiritual masters of all traditions? How can this discipline change our minds, and being, in our contemporary Tower of Babel?

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