Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The Seekers Forum?

A: The Seekers Forum is an ongoing life-course and online community designed to inspire and cultivate lasting change in your life. Each month-long program focuses on a topic linked to creativity, personal growth, spiritual practice and ethical well-being and immerses you in a contemplative subject matter with the intention to help you awaken to your life. We want The Seekers Forum to be a destination for people who want to ask questions and find answers in order to live an awakened and more authentic life.

Q: How does The Seekers Forum work?

A: The Seekers Forum operates on a monthly schedule. Each month a new topic is presented and consists of the following elements. Your membership level may not include all of these benefits.

The Seekers Session: The opening talk/teleconference with a Q & A hosted by Mark. The Seekers Session takes place on the first Sunday of the month and is the introduction and overview of the month’s topic. Writing prompts are posted the day after the session. The call-in details are emailed and posted on the website. All sessions are recorded and made available for those who cannot make the live talk.
Weekly Videos Lessons: These three videos will be posted on the second, third and fourth Mondays of each month. These lessons go deeper into the topic and provide prompts for those wanting to explore even more.
Inspirational Guest Interview: Mark interviews a well-known teacher or author to bring an added voice and insight into the month’s topic. These interviews are posted on the third Sunday of each month and may or may not be live depending on the availability of the guest.

The conversation takes place in the “Forum,” the chatroom component of The Seekers Forum. Read what others have to say, respond, post work of your own or recommend a book, video or podcast.

Besides the regular monthly schedule, The Seekers Forum has an archive with over two years of past recordings and transcripts. An added benefit is the Resource Center with recommended books, articles, videos, and podcasts on a variety of subjects related to self-discovery, creativity, spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A: Yes, of course. To cancel, please send your request to contact@theseekersforum.com and we’ll cancel your membership. There are no refunds for unused time (days or months).

Q: What if I’m not a Full Member, but I’d like to hear some of the past talks or watch the video lessons?

A: Not a problem. The recording and transcript of each past session are bundled and can be purchased as a set. The video lessons are also available for purchase – all three monthly videos for one price. This way, if you can’t commit to a Full Membership, you still have the ability to explore topics that interest you.

Q: What is expected from me as a member?

A: Absolutely nothing. Everything that happens in The Seekers Forum is voluntary and optional. For example, one month you may want to tune in to the live call and ask questions, the next you could miss the talk, download the podcast, and get into an interesting conversation with a fellow member from Perth or Paris or Poughkeepsie. The Seekers Forum is designed for you to meet your changing needs and schedule.

Q: Why should I become a Full Member?

A: The benefits of these offerings speak for themselves. The rich content provided in the talks, videos, interviews, and archives, as well as the discounts on classes and workshops with Mark, makes the Full Membership a significant value.

Q: Will I receive a lot of emails and notifications as a member of The Seekers Forum?

A: By registering for The Seekers Forum, you are automatically added to our mailing list. You will receive no more than two to three emails from us per month informing you of the schedule of events and offers of the month. You may unsubscribe from the list if you choose. A full schedule is also provided on the website. Settings in The Forum will allow you to turn on or off email notifications of messages from other members.

Q: Joining an online community scares me. I don’t want my private information shared or my email address sold to mailing lists. How can I be sure this is safe?

A: In the age of cyber (and identity) theft, we are using an encrypted system that ensures anonymity and accountability for all traffic. We promise to never sell or give your email address or personal information to a third party. As a member you can choose to be as anonymous as you like.

Q: What if I want to work with Mark privately?

A: That’s why we’ve offered a special rate for Seekers who’d like to do private work with Mark as his time allows. “I consider this community to be my tribe,” Mark says. “The whole purpose of this Forum is to make a place for sohbet, the spiritual talk of friends. As often as possible, I’ll connect with members who would like to connect one on one.” Please go to the contact page to send us a request and Mark will get in touch with you.

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