Forum Guidelines

The Forum is the online interactive chat room of The Seekers Forum. It’s a place for community, conversation, support, sharing and inspiration. While The Forum is not moderated, the group administrator will monitor traffic and ensure conversations are kept topical.

Please be a good member and respect your fellow seekers by adhering to the group rules:

  • No commercial posts of any kind.  If you wish to promote something, please send an email to with the information and we will post the news on the Member News page which will include a bulletin board with a listing of events, books, workshops, etc. being offered by members of The Seekers Forum.
  • When posting copyrighted material, be sure to include the author and source of the material.
  • Derogatory and insulting personal comments are unacceptable, as is abusive language. We have a zero tolerance policy for any offensive posts.  You will be removed from the group. A refund for any unused time will not be given.
  • Participants in discussions that have veered toward the purely personal will be asked to take their correspondence to private email.  Please use the private message option to reach out to individual members with any personal or not topic relevant posts.

Violations of these rules will result in removal from the group.

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