January 2019 – Self-Reliance

Self-Reliance: Learning to Trust the Voice Within
January, 2019


“Trust thyself,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Every heart vibrates to that iron string.” In this New Year’s session of The Seekers Forum, I will talk about self-reliance as the spiritual foundation of a liberated life. Contrary to popular belief, self-reliance – a term first coined by Ralph Waldo Emerson – has nothing to do with selfishness or egotism. Instead, it refers to the power that comes to a person when she recognizes the source of her strength, in spirit, and ceases to look for authority in other people. Are you tempted to give your power away? Do you look for permission from others to be yourself? Are you able to trust your own intuition, forge your own path, make your own choices? Or do you disempower yourself for lack of self-reliance. These are some of the questions we’ll be examining together in this opening talk of 2019.

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