“The material presented each month in The Seekers Forum is rich, vibrant, and often hits a nerve ending that pushes one to further exploration. What Mark presents isn’t tidily packaged with a bright bow – rather, his words are upfront, raw, and vital to the current evolutionary expansion. In the Q&A periods, Mark asks questions with both precision, gentleness and, at times, bluntness, allowing the participant to look at the reality of the situation they’re describing and broaden their understanding.”

~Jeanette Meyer

“Mark has created a wonderful, warm, and inviting “space” to investigate what really does matter and how each of us can weave those revelations into meaningful and fulfilling work in our lives. I came across Mark’s work two years ago while I was writing my way through healing from breast cancer. I had listened in on a webinar and felt as though Mark was speaking directly to me. By the end of each talk, I feel I’ve been lifted gracefully and gently to a place of deeper understanding. Not only is Mark a gifted speaker, he addresses the complexities of human emotion beautifully and with such compassion.”

~Alicia Garey

“I will be forever grateful to Mark for creating The Seekers Forum! Each talk I’ve listened to gives me a new perspective, something to ponder, a treasure that propels me forward on my own path. In my darkest times, the Forum has been a source of light and hope where I can share my deepest thoughts and questions and not be judged. Mark’s commitment and integrity are such that he personally responds to each post and inquiry. Thank you!”

~Stacey Cohen

“I am so grateful to have met you, Mark, and the other members of the Seeker’s Forum. The Forum has helped catapult me into writing as a way to better understand my emotions and thought processes, and to explore past traumas as well as current difficulties. I look forward to it every month.”

~Cesar Bayona

“I was very moved by Mark’s talk on “The Purpose of Wonder.” First of all, at the age of 74, I am a child of wonder and always have been. Even in the midst of despair and loss, I have been gifted by being awake to the beauty of clouds, the sound of leaves swaying in the breeze, the sight of light on water, and so much more. Mark brought an ocean of light and wisdom to what I have always known and helped give me confidence to write and speak this truth with gentle authority.”

~Rachelle Benveniste

“I have learned so much from listening to his talks. Although I live in the Philippines and cannot participate during the calls, Mark’s generosity remains the number one reason why I continue to participate in The Seekers Forum. He never holds back and shares what he knows. Each talk he gives is loaded with useful, sometimes challenging, information. I am proud and happy to be part of this Forum and I hope it will continue for a long time.”

~Rosanna Rogacion

“While I have a wonderful family and great friends, seldom do we engage in discussions covering topics such as those Mark explores each month in The Seekers Forum. One of the miracles of modern technology is that we can connect so intimately with members from around the world, to share what’s deep in our hearts and souls. I also love the freedom of anonymity without obligation to respond, since all of us are busy with our various responsibilities. I feel most grateful to be a part of this group of kind people, especially at this time in my life. Blessings to all of you, wherever and whoever you are!”

~Pam Daugavietis