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2024 Programs


The Wisdom of Saying No:
Restraint is not Repression

Guest Interview with
Perry Garfinkel

Learning to say no to ourselves and others is necessary to self-realization at times, contrary to what we’re taught in a more-is-more culture.


The Golden Shadow:
Treasures in the Dark

Guest Interview with
Sophie Strand

When you pull back the curtains of fear and denial, it becomes possible to claim the powers, aptitudes, dreams, and aspirations you keep hidden in the dark.


Strong at the Broken Places:
On Healing and Resilience

Guest Interview with
Maria Sirois

Thankfulness is key to a resilient spirit, the grateful willingness to participate fully in existence even when life becomes difficult.


The Mystic Path:
Embodying Unity in Diversity

Guest Interview with
Mingyur Rinpoche

Explore the timeless teachings on mystic awareness as they relate to mindfulness practice and everyday challenges


Origins and Archetypes:
The Seeker as Hero

Guest Interview with
Carol Pearson

Explore the adventure of enlightenment through the lens of the Hero archetype and what this mythic perspective can teach us about the stages of self-realization and discovery.


The Power of Play:
Understanding Homo Ludens

Guest Interview TBA

Humans are mammals that use play – to relax, cooperate, let off steam - as part of our survival repertoire. When we stop playing, we interrupt a necessary and natural system of self-regulation.


Truth or Consequences:
The Costs of Deception

Guest Interview TBA

Philosophy centers on the love of truth, and the emancipating force of authenticity. Betraying our need for truthfulness can cause soul sickness and demoralization that block awakening.


Eros and Thanatos:
Longing, Risk, & Letting Go

Guest Interview TBA

There is a sacred relationship between desire and death, an ongoing tension between eros and letting go that shapes our choices more than we may realize.


The Trauma of Everyday Life:
Meeting Existence on Its Own Terms

Guest Interview TBA

To be alive is to experience trauma, from a child’s birth through its agonizing growth. Understanding this helps to normalize pain and helps to shift our trauma narratives.


Choosing Happiness:
Leaving the Victim Behind

Guest Interview TBA

Well-being remains beyond our reach so long as the victim role is in play. By dropping the victimized-narrative, we lay claim to our essential freedom.


Memento Mori:
How Impermanence Awakens Us

Guest Interview TBA

The time-honored practice of remembering mortality enriches life immeasurably; when you practice living each day as if it were your last, you accelerate the process of self-realization.


The God of Small Things:
Finding Sacredness Wherever You Look

Guest Interview TBA

When you look at the world through enlightened eyes, you recognize sacredness all around you, and transform the quality of everyday life.