Playing with Power

Playing with Power: Authority, Competition, and Self-Respect
September, 2016


“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” said Abraham Lincoln. Indeed, the hunger for power, and its abuses, are among our greatest challenges as individuals who long for personal empowerment. Is it possible to be powerful yet humble, forceful yet gentle, aware of our own magnitude without putting ourselves above other people? In this edition of The Seekers Forum, we’ll investigate the enigma of power — in its many forms — and how it can be harnessed without self-harm. Indeed, it’s possible to be competitive, authoritative, even dominant (when we wish to be) without sacrificing kindness toward others or compromising our self-respect. Whether the power we hope to cultivate is professional, artistic, sexual, financial, relational, political, spiritual — or other — the principles of “mindful empowerment” are the same. To do no harm. To know thyself. And to recognize power as a gift to be shared, not hoarded and used for self-aggrandizement. In this month’s Seekers Session, we’ll share practices, tools, and wisdom teachings to guide us through this rich and complex terrain on the path of awakening.

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