Enlightenments: Awakening to Everyday Wonder

Enlightenments: Awakening to Everyday Wonder
December, 2017


Enlightenment is an ongoing process not an “absolute” experience that puts an end to spiritual practice. Each time we remember to pay attention, that is a moment of enlightenment. With every unkindness we don’t express, every unskillful action not taken, we progress on the path of awakening.
In this month’s edition of The Seekers Forum, Enlightenments: Awakening To Everyday Wonder, we’ll talk about how to recognize progress in spiritual life, and how to avoid deceiving ourselves. When does the ambition to better ourselves become “spiritual materialism?” Where do we resist paying attention and trap ourselves in ignorance? Finally, how can we awaken to everyday wonder, transforming our moment to moment awareness? These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring together in this final Seekers Session of 2017.

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