Finding Your Tribe – February 2017

Finding Your Tribe: Roots, Community, and Belonging
February, 2017


Every seeker needs community, a place for connecting with like-minded individuals on a common spiritual path. Whether this community is ‘virtual’ or in-the-flesh is secondary. What matters is that we find a context where we can share our questions, challenges, insights, and progress regarding practice and faith. That is why Jesus counseled his followers that “where two or three gather in my name, there am I” and the Buddha counted sangha (community) as one of the three pillars of awakening on the dharma path.
But how do we find our spiritual tribe? How do we adapt to institutional demands, and complexities of group dynamics? What do we do when our tastes and beliefs veer off from the majority? Finally, how can we expand our spiritual community (and education) using the tools of the electronic age, which give us access to other seekers (and teachers) around the world? These are some of the questions that we’ll be discussing in this month’s edition of The Seekers Forum

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Guest Interview with Lynn Whittemore

Lynn Whittemore

As Executive Director of the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, Lynn Whittemore is uniquely qualified to address this month’s topic in The Seekers Forum. A longtime meditator and builder of spiritual community, Whittemore began her career in the corporate sector, serving in a number of senior executive positions, most recently as vice president for a major communications and publishing organization. Straddling the worlds of media, commerce, and dharma practice, Whittemore has been an important voice in the grassroots movement to create racial and gender equality in the Buddhist world, most recently with CIMC’s pilot course, “Waking Up To Whiteness.”