October 2018 – Sex and the Sacred

Sex and the Sacred: Biology is Divinity

October, 2018


If we hope to awaken as seekers, it’s important to see past imaginary divisions. When we separate carnality from divinity, matter from spirit, we create a false, harmful divide that alienates us from ourselves. In this month’s edition of The Seekers Forum, we’ll be questioning the nature of the walls we construct between our “higher” and “lower” self, and exploring the non-dual awareness that biology itself is divinity; that our bodies are inseparable from nature, and that nature is a manifestation of God. What if you saw yourself as God in the flesh? What if, rather than judge yourself, you saw yourself as God looking through human eyes? How would that change how you live you in your body? How you have sex, love others, and grow old? Perennial philosophy teaches that far from God not being here with us in the creation, the creation is nothing but God, including you and me.

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