June 2018 – Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy:What Wakes Up When You Awaken?
June, 2018


What Wakes Up When You Wake Up?

The seeker’s life is full of riddles. Among the most elusive is the enigma of what wakes up in the process of awakening. How are we changed by waking up, and how do we define this new awareness that dawns with practice, grace, and intention? In this month’s edition of The Seekers Forum, we’ll be looking at the mystery of awakening; more precisely, at the power that arises in us as we come to recognize our true nature. What is this new consciousness? How does it alter our lives? What new perspectives, powers, awarenesses, and wisdom come with our enlightenments? Most important: how do cope with the mind-blowing knowledge that what is awakened in you is the very thing that you’ve been seeking? This talk will deepen your self-appreciation and point you back to the power source that is within you.

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