Frequently Asked Questions

The Seekers Forum is a membership site. Only members can access the content listed below. The Seekers Forum operates on a monthly schedule. Each month a new topic is presented and consists of the following elements.

    • The Seekers Session: The opening talk/teleconference with video Q & A hosted by Mark. The Seekers Session takes place on the first Sunday of the month and is the introduction and overview of the month’s topic. A recording of the talk plus prompts for further reflection are posted on the website the day after the session. Zoom is the platform we use for the teleconference. You can download the app here. Teleconference details are emailed and posted on the website.
    • Guest Interview: A pre-recorded interview with a well-known teacher. Author, or artist to bring an added voice and insight into the month’s topic. These interviews are posted on the second Sunday of each month.
    • Recommended Resource: On the third Sunday of each month, we post a video, podcast, article, or film that provides deeper insight into the subject matter.
    • Video Reflection: A monthly wrap up of the program with added insights.

Besides the regular monthly schedule, The Seekers Forum has an archive with past recordings, transcripts, interviews, and video lessons. An added benefit is the Resource Center with recommended books, articles, videos, and podcasts on a variety of subjects related to self-discovery, creativity, spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

Yes. To cancel, please send your request to [email protected] and we’ll cancel your membership. There are no refunds for unused days

Yes. Please email us at [email protected] and we'll facilitate changing your monthly recurring contribution

Absolutely nothing. Everything that happens in The Seekers Forum is voluntary and optional. For example, one month you may want to tune in to the live call and ask questions, the next you could miss the talk, download the podcast, and get into an interesting conversation with a fellow member from Perth or Paris or Poughkeepsie. The Seekers Forum is designed for you to meet your changing needs and schedule.

The rich content provided in the talks, videos, interviews, and archives brings significant value to any member. And the ability to be part of an exclusive group focused on personal and spiritual development serves as a place of support and compassion.

By registering for The Seekers Forum, you are automatically added to our mailing list. You will receive emails from us informing you of the schedule of events and offers of the month. A full schedule is also provided on the website.

In the age of cyber (and identity) theft, we are using an encrypted system that ensures anonymity and accountability for all traffic. We promise to never sell or give your email address or personal information to a third party. As a member you can choose to be as anonymous as you like.

The comments section at the bottom of each Program Page is for replies to the given prompt, questions, or overall thoughts on the program's theme. 

The Writers Circle is for longer, developed writing pieces in response to the Deepening Lesson or inspired by the monthly theme or other spiritual or personally themes of interest to your fellow seekers.

Yes. Any content posted to the web site, social media outlets, and writing circle is monitored for inappropriate content by the group administrator who monitors posted content to ensure conversations are kept topical. Please be a good member and respect your fellow members by adhering to the group rules:

* No commercial posts of any kind.

* Refrain from posting anything dealing with politics unless it's specific to being a seeker.

* Do not send attachments to the group.

* No copyrighted material.

* Derogatory and insulting personal comments are unacceptable, as is abusive language.

* Participants in discussions that have veered toward the purely personal will be asked to take their correspondence to private email.

Violations will result in the removal from The Seekers Forum.

In the lifespan of The Seekers Forum, there was a period that Mark was producing various elements with each program. Mark's work and travel schedule prevented him from continuing these for some months while we were redeveloping the new web site.