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Judgement is my experience of my being

The question was: "Do I judge my life or do I experience it?"  I only experience judgement, self-criticism informed my earliest definition of who and what I am.  It is exhausting. My passion is solely in a make believe world and moment-to-moment experience is constant vigilance and judgement of what I am doing and thinking.

I recently was ill and found myself totally withdrawing from all of life: I slept all day and night. When I was awake I was comforted in my make believe world stories.  Fortunately I am on the mend but this weeks session challenges me to awaken to passion and come out of fantasy to enjoy the good health and fortune I have.  There is something about loving, feeling empathy or self-care I am missing in my relationship with myself.  I find it easy to give this gifts to others but, due to constant self-scrutiny there is no place for me to stand in the present.

Dear Madeline,

I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend. If you were to describe what blocks you from feeling self-compassion, what words come to mind?  Is it aversion, paralysis, fear, anger, disappointment?  Is your self-apathy the result of disappointment (as in "real" life being disappointing compared to "fantasy" life)?  When you mention "self-scrutiny," what are you scrutinizing exactly?  Be as specific as you can be, and please feel free to write to me privately if you prefer.

It's good to be in touch. Happy summer!