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Guided Writing Session: July 25

Thanks to all that joined the session.

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Writing Prompt 1: What do you resist about getting older? If you resist nothing, how do you manage this? Be specific.

Writing Prompt 2: Do you see yourself as a wise elder (or wise elder to be)? If so, what are you wisest about? If not, why not? Be specific.

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Thank you, Mark, for this months theme--a very timely topic for me right now since I'm 70--soon to be 71--and experiencing some exhaustion as I continue to go through my recently deceased aunt's possessions.  Just this task alone has been a learning experience, forcing me to think about what we really need in life. why we hang on to the things we do, and how I may want to do things differently.

Although I've only been involved through the replays these past few months, your weekly  conversations have kept me on track, reminding me of what's most important.  Today, in particular, reminded me that I want to handle whatever remains to be done as gracefully as I can.  It seems like that's what a wise elder would do.

I miss the writing and hope to get back soon.






Thanks for this, Diane!  Yes, the topic of aging as soul work is paramount for many of us -- including what to hold onto and what to let go of! -- as you are being reminded while dealing with your aunt's stuff. It's extraordinary how much extra weight we carry, materially and emotionally, as we get older -- and how little of it we actually need. Marie Kondo was on to something!  I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Till then, take good care,