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Below, you will find recordings for each Guided Writing Session dating back to August 2021 when the sessions were began.

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Guided Writing Session: December 28

Use the red links below to watch or listen to the session recordings. The session writing prompts are included below.

Watch the Video Playback

Listen to the Audio Only

Writing Prompts

1. What do you wish to leave behind in the New Year? Why is this important to you? Be specific.
  • Are there fears and burdens that you have taken on during this very difficult year that you don't want to import into 2022?
  • How can you live with more insight and wisdom and inner core strength in the New Year?
  • Are there habits and patterns that have outlived the usefulness in your life, and if so how have you dealt with them?
  • If the truth can set you free, how can you free yourself from your own delusions and deceptions?
2. What is your creative vision for the New Year? What efforts are needed to fulfill it? Be specific.
  • What aspects of your own self realization have you put off long enough?
  • Are your specific goals inline with your higher intentions?
  • How can you take your power back in 2022, from the pandemic as well as other parts of your life?

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