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Below, you will find recordings for each Guided Writing Session dating back to August 2021 when the sessions were began.

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Guided Writing Session: March 22

Use the red links below to watch or listen to the session recordings. The session writing prompts are included below.

Watch the Video Playback

Listen to the Audio Only

Writing Prompts

1. What spiritual lessons have you yet to learn? What principles do you struggle with, and why? Be specific.
  • What spiritual lessons or values do you most resist, and why?
  • How might your life be different if you stopped resisting these spiritual lessons?
  • How does your ego tend to interfere with your spiritual development?
2. Who are your wisdom guides today? Describe the gifts that each one gives you? What do you need from a teacher but have not received? Be specific.
  • How do your wisdom guides affect how you live and the choices that you make?
  • What do your teacher's examples teach you how to live?
  • What do you wish somebody would teach you?

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