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Guided Writing Session: June 6

Use the red links below to watch or listen to the session recordings. The session writing prompts are included below.

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Writing Prompts

1. What are your beliefs about an afterlife? How do they affect how you live?
  • How does your view of rebirth or the absence of rebirth affect your life?
  • Have you ever had a visitation yourself or what you would consider an after life encounter?
2. If you could communicate with someone who's left their body, who would it be, what would you say, and what would you want to know? Be specific.
  • Who would you like to speak to, and why?
  • How could this communication affect your life?

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Alfredo Fernandez Alvarez has reacted to this post.
Alfredo Fernandez Alvarez


Sorry I have been missing some sessions. I will probably miss the next one as well due to a flight. I have been traveling in my host country, Turkey.

I watched the video today and even in the distance I was touched by the emotions that came out of the session.

In my case, the biggest afterlife experience I had as an adult, was when I recovered and repaired the lifelong typewriter of my granpa Alfredo. It had been dusting in a closet for years and I only got to use it for three days before I moved to Turkey (it was too heavy to take it here) but a spontaneous communication in forms of letters back and forth was established.

However, if I could establish a communication now, I would do so with my other grandparents on my mother's side, Angel and Susana. It was a tragic story of abuse whose consequences were paid by everybody in my mother's family in the form of trauma and self-destructive habits, until this day. After my parents' divorce, I totally sided with my father in order to survive what I saw as the "curse" of my mother's blood and their irrational and damaging behaviors. However, as I get older, I am more curious and angry than scared. I want to know what actually happened and why, because understanding is what can liberate me of this so-called "curse", and truth is what can bring the wrong-doers to justice. Regretfully, the only remaining witness of that story is my mother, who is not a reliable narrator at all.

In any case, this is what came to me during the second exercise.

Hope you all are well,


Mark Matousek and Emma Jarrett have reacted to this post.
Mark MatousekEmma Jarrett

Thanks for this, Alfredo. That's an interesting conversation you had with your grandfather via his typewriter! As for wanting to communicate with your maternal grandmothers as part of your healing and self-awareness, I wonder how you might 'invite them in'?  What would you want to know from them specifically?  That would be useful to write about. 

Hope you're well!  See you soon,


Alfredo Fernandez Alvarez has reacted to this post.
Alfredo Fernandez Alvarez