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Below, you will find recordings for each Guided Writing Session dating back to August 2021 when the sessions were began.

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Can you feel gratitiude when times are tough?

Like a bird, I pillage for seed in the Earth, feeling gratitude for nourishment.

While flying high in the Sky, I feel the delight of being.


I balance the rich dark Earth with the ethereal light of Heaven, through my bones alignment.

The Earth is always beneath me; the Sky is always above.

I am stretched beyond hard times.


I am grateful for their constant contact and delight in my dance between them.

I feel gratitude as my outward intrigue;

while delight is my inward compass.

Thanks again for these lovely lines, Tammy!  Gratitude and delight, that's the way forward through this crazy times.  

I'm so glad you're a part of our community.  Hope to see you soon, as always,

Mark : )