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Guided Writing Session: March 14

Use the red links below to watch or listen to the session recordings. The session writing prompts are included below.

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Writing Prompts

1. When do you refuse to conform to unfair, illogical, or outdated norms, and why? Be specific.

  • Which rules or regulations are simply not worth following?
  • What has your nonconformity cost you?
  • What kinds of injustice get under your skin, in particular?

2. When do you rebel, or resist conformity, in ways that are harmful to you and others? How do you justify this behavior?

  • When do you harm yourself or others by not conforming?
  • When do you rebel against authority mindlessly?
  • When does idealism interfere with cooperation in your life?
Michelle Langsam has reacted to this post.
Michelle Langsam

that was interesting thank you, I too really found this second part challenging to answer, I tend not to act mindlessly to rebel, though it may seem that way at an observed level.  As I sense energy before I see the physical, I will sense something off, in the energetic field. At time i can sense a lie as the body energy and the crown energies don't seem to line up.  I may not always say something, but I will note it .  In a past work situation where everyone loved this kind person who loved a laugh and being social, and reasonably high up on the hierarchy, I sensed something off about the energy of him.  not bad, just not reliable or trustworthy would be my description.  the fact that everybody loved to hang out with him socially meant that I did not engage in after hours social activities with the little clique of people.  This is one example, but I can think of many where the energy around them gave me a different sense of integrity to their authority,  the consequences including losing my job, but also it has affected my own safety and I have become injured on these occasions.  so it pays for me to understand these.     in this particular example it came to light eventually that his unfair behaviors were also being influenced by someone who was an ex crooked cop (who never was publicly outed but he was caught eventually too) they mistreated a staff person, who I had employed and stood up for on their mistreatment .  story for another time.  that staff person was in shock but ok.  these managers are all gone from the work location.  in a takeover they were all terminated, the crooked c was caught with significant items that did not belong to him.   I was kept in the take over and so I saw a lot of this play out.  So I tend to be a rebel in view but underneath I am reacting to energies that don't feel quite right .  

thanks for another thought provoking session 

Michelle L 

Thanks, Michelle!  It's important to trust your intuition as you do and not spend time with people you don't trust.  In my life, I've also learned that it's important not to be disempowered (over affected) by the environment or the people in it. Otherwise, it's easy to move through life in a clutch of self-protection and anticipation. You know this, of course, and also the cost of saying not when things don't feel right. 

It's always good to connect. See you tomorrow for writing, I hope,