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Mythic Lessons

I’ve been finding a connection to the stories of Ancient Greece.  They speak to me of my world, now.  This is my response to the tale of Dido, who led her people out of Tyre, to Carthage.  It spoke to me as poem.  Thanks to Daniel, for his help in editing.

Dido, Rising

They call me run-around 

They call me wanderer

It was never my plan to leave  

It just happened

one thing leading to another

My brother’s murder, of my husband

Too much 

for anyone to swallow

My anger, fisted 

as it punched out of my throat

It is sound 

reforming me 

from flesh to stone

a living statue of revenge

I emptied the coffers

I left my betrayer nothing 

but sand

I fled from the wrath I knew would follow

Why does the horror of Pygmalion’s crime

somehow shame me?

Why do I blame myself 

for him not loving me 


to let me keep that 

which was mine

I cry for vengeance 

Take that Pygmalion!

for dishonoring the bonds 

of blood that I thought tied us

We are unknotted now

I don’t know where I’m going

I just run.

Away from grief, that now haunts me in 

the familiar 

To a new home

To new blood

To start a new life 

another reason to be

—Devon B

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Deleted user

Devon, this is a wonderful poem. It really speaks to me! I like this word in particular, "unknotted... We are unknotted now." Very powerful.

- Maxime 

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Thanks  for sharing your connection to this poem , Maxine.  It was especially nice to be reminded of this poem today-  I now see its connection to the reforming phase Mark talked about in today’s Seekers’ session.  I wish us both well in our unknotting.