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Guided Writing Session: December 1

Thanks to all that joined the session.

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Writing Prompt 1: What does your soul hunger for in this time? Be specific.

Writing Prompt 2: How would you benefit from more self-care? Describe the improvements you want to make, specifically.

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These are wonderful questions. Totally wonderful.

My soul hungers for authenticity and grace. To be accepting even in the midst of heartache, to forgive for my own wellbeing and best self care. This is what my soul hungers for. It also hungers for the learning and the lessons in this life. For it's what I feel I am here to do, in part. Learn. Love. Grow. Dwell in expansion.

I've been benefiting from self care lately. Gentle, kind self talk. Eating well, becoming aware of my body and how it feels. Perhaps it's like I've come home to myself. Honoring my journey, recognizing that the harsh and the soft in my life belong equally with me. 

Hi Brenda! 

How beautiful!  "...recognizing that the harsh and the soft in my life belong equally to me."  I love that!  Thanks for being part of the Forum for all these years. It's good to know you're our there, spreading good in the world with your music and spirit. Till next time!

Mark : )